Hi – I’m Brian Reitz. I go by @ reitzbitz because someone squatted on www.brianreitz.com and is making me look silly.

The correct German pronunciation for my last name is “Rights” or “Writes” or “Rites” but my parents told me to instead say it as “Ritz” or “Writs” which has been mostly confusing, but a great source of content. And we love content, don’t we folks?

As a Digital Native, I love consuming content and being activated on digital channels. It makes me feel good that companies sell my personal data because it means that I am a valuable customer.

In addition to consuming content, I’ve actually manufactured some myself.

You’ll find all my content and more within the confines of this website, or as we in the biz call it, a Digital Unique Moment Platform (DUMP). Here’s my face:

2022.06 BrianReitz